Friday, July 22, 2011

International Artist Magazine

It is such a pleasure to be featured in the August/September issue of International Artist Magazine. They have included an 8 page spread on my artwork and creative process. Also as an extra bonus the front cover shows a small picture of me working on my 6 foot moose painting (upper right corner.) This is a great art magazine that focuses on international art and artists. The article shows my step by step artistic process for two paintings. What an honor to be in such a prestigious magazine. This should on news stands soon. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water Babies

Here is the painting of the sea otters that I have been having so much fun painting. They are the happiest most inquisitive creatures that I have ever met. These are from Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island....We enjoy looking at them each year when we are on the island.
A group of otters is called a raft and often they hold paws as they
float on the waves to stay together. So check out my raft of otters.

Then as I was enjoying doing water babies....I continued and did a study of a mallard hen and her 6 chicks. The local fountain in Mcquire Lake is a wonderful place to spot mallards with their families....and as they are quite used to people they let me sit close to them and observe. These are quite the cutest babies at the pond.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hike the trails but find the deer in my own yard.

It was hot with gusts of wind towards the end of the day. We headed into the woods and up the hill. I felt the wonderful cool of the woods envelope me as we stepped into the shade. The harsh bright sunlight changed to a lovely tree dappled light.  Here we could hear the birds and as we hiked we listened to the stories that the birds were sharing. Solitary songbirds sang here and there. Raucous blackbirds yelled and fought over their supper.  Several hawks soared on thermals over the woods. We even thought we saw a buzzard circling high above our trail. My legs were tired at that point...but I don't think that I was that close to being I don't think he was there for me.

The woods are in full bloom with wild flowers of all types blooming every where...we were walking in natures was amazing. At top of our hike...we stopped to just look around and found a handful of wild strawberries and their amazing taste of summer.

As we came down the mountain we heard the call of an owl which led us on a wild owl search through the wild rose bushes. We never found the owl but I did indeed learn a new respect for wild rose bushes. My legs still reflecting on that wisdom this morning. Always in the woods we enjoy the chance to see what animals are it was birds, marmots and chipmucks.
But it wasn't till we were having a late supper at home that we were lucky enough to see two young deer as they snacked on our willow tree before heading into the neighboring old orchard.

On the easel I have a small painting of a mallard hen and her ducklings. I just jumped into this painting starting with the hen and have been adding ducklings here and there... painting this one in a kind of crazy unplanned way. My otter painting is basically complete and I am just studying it for a few days to see if I need to add anything to it. I will post these soon.