Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kayak Camping

My art is based on my deep appreciation for the outdoors and the plants and animals that live there. So it is really important to get out and seek out the experiences that I will later represent in my paintings.

Well at least that is my excuse for the great long weekend that I just spent on the water with my brother. It was a 5 hour kayak trip in the Kootneys paddling up an isolated chain of lakes to spend several nights camping on a 3 acre island. What a great way to spend time. Our island was in the center of the lake with 360 degrees of the most beautiful and peaceful views. The paddle was long but the destination was worth it.

The weather was most interesting but our camping gear stood up to the challenge of keeping us warm and dry. My brother is an excellent kayak paddler and a skilled outdoors man. We told stories, bragged outrageously about our past year's accomplishments and wrote the most excellent poetry around our campfire. That campfire survived the downpours and cooked our tinfoil wrapped dinners. Jiffy popcorn and Sweet Caroline toasted the rise of the moon at midnight on the solstice.

Thanks to my brother for a great time enjoying the Kootneys in a Kayak!

For me, nature is where I reconnect with myself. The smoke of the campfire lifts my worries and stress then lets them drift away on the prevailing wind.  So now refreshed and inspired I return to the studio.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Otters in the Water

Well all my recent commissions are complete and on their way to their new homes. I am honored to have had the opportunity to create art that combines two visions into one. It is the chance to paint a gift from the heart, a painting that is painted for one special person with allot of thought into who they are and what they love. This last painting was a lovely Nelly Moser clematis on a trellis with a hummingbird hovering over the flowers. The title is "Embrace." It was painted for a very special mom who is so appreciated by her children for the warm embrace of love she has always shared with them.

Now I am into a great fun painting. This is a family of sea otters.....with their happy little inquisitive faces peering back at me from the water. It is 24x36 in acrylic.  I think these creatures are such lively joyful creatures that I just had to paint this family. I have been lucky to see them any number of times at Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island. They always seem as happy to see me as I am to see them.

Watch for this painting to be shown here soon.