Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sharing Artistic Process

Thanks to Opus Art Store I recently had an opportunity to teach a lecture demo on painting. It was a pleasure to be asked as Opus is my FAVORITE store; where I have been know to wander happily up and down the rows for hours with my arms full of supplies.

On the day of the demo there was a great group of  30 painters who like myself are interested in creating the appearance of texture in our nature paintings. It was my very first lecture demo and it was both very interesting and kinda of stressful .

I would like to extend a huge thank you first to Opus for the chance to do this and to the group of artists that came out to listen. As my first public speaking art event I know that it was not perfect and already have a list of things to do differently next time but it brings me to  my point.

While my presentation was lacking the polish of a more experienced speaker, we did go over a lot of information and at the end it became a lively question and answer event. This group of artists was happy to inquire as to my thoughts while sharing their own.

That is the point! Artist sharing is the birthplace of awesome creativity for everyone. Each of those artists brought something unique to the room and those that shared opened all of our eyes to a new way of thinking about art.

The new artists asked basic questions about tools or mediums, making not only me but all the more experienced artists in the room re-look at why we do what we do. The more experienced artists asked complex questions about not only technique but thought processes and artistic direction as well.

We are very fortunate to have such a wealth of artists and creative thinkers. Most of you are in that group and hopefully that you take time to share your ideas, creative process and artistic adventure with the people around you.