Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Brothers

Everyone seems to have an affinity to one or more natural elements. Something that calls to them more than the other elements. I love the earth, rocks and the wilderness in the woods. My husband loves being on the water. While painting, I think allot about the characteristic of what I am painting, dwelling on all the attractive aspects of it while trying to imbue the painting with those emotions.

Two recent paintings brought my brothers to my mind. My brothers are not only great brothers,  but also great outdoors men. My older brother is drawn to the tops of mountain, that spot where earth ends and sky begins. He hikes and bikes to the rocky peaks in the summer and skis them in the winter. As I worked on the details of rock and snow on this painting....I often thought of Eric and his intense love of the mountains.

My younger brother is drawn to the water that runs in the rivers, pools in the lakes and waves in  the sea. An expert kayak-er, Robert  has taken me on some wonderful paddling trips. One such trip he shared the beautiful spot that is the inspiration for this painting.

 "Healing Waters" was one of the top 4 paintings in the Trout Unlimited Canada 2012 Art competition.