Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cats or Dogs?

It seems to me that most people are either a cat or dog person. I enjoy dogs and have had great dogs over my lifetime....but I am a cat person. I like dogs but I love cats.  Dogs are far more loving and easy to live with and yet despite that or perhaps because of it, I prefer cats.

Cats are independent, arrogant and demanding yet so unique and intensely affectionate that I am captivated by their strange and wonderful natures. Here are a few of my cat paintings, featuring lynx, kittens, Stanley our great alley cat tom, and the last a big cougar tom.

Now tell me which do you prefer, CATS or dogs?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Black & White.....or Gray

Sometimes a painting does not need any colour at all, just shades of gray to create
not only an image but a good impression of that animal.

Great horned owls are impressive and intimidating. I believe that the gray helps to portray that
 ...what do you think?