Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From Drawing to Completed Painting

Many times when someone comes by my studio they are intrigued to see the process that a painting goes through from start to finish. This blog will give a quick over view of the creation of a painting called "All Canadian."

This painting was inspired when I met a beautiful horse that is a purebred Canadian horse, a breed that until shortly before this meeting I had never heard of. He was a beauty and he definitely caught my eye. So much so we purchased his 3 year old son and are hoping that he will become a wonderful mountain horse for us.

So the painting ideas rolls around  in my mind for a while and when I am ready with a clear plan I start drawing.. The drawing is fairly time consuming but when it is right I redraw it onto the canvas with graphite paper. From that point you can see  the painting develop in these stages.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Down by the Creek

Some of my favorite wild animals are not the hard to find ones but those that live down back by the pond.
The rabbits, ducks, owls and coyotes that live on the same property as I do. These are my closest neighbors and I love to watch them. Their lives are busy with many of the same things that mine is, family, food and work. Of course it only follows that I must paint them and here are a few of them.