Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kangaroos in BC

As a wildlife artist I am constantly watching the woods, the mountain trails and the back yard for animals both big and small. Canadian wildlife is amazing and impressive but I also love to see the creatures that are in other parts of the world.

Had a wonderful opportunity to visit a Kangaroo farm in Lake Country not long ago. It is a real surprise to discover kangaroos right in the middle of the Okanagan. Kangaroo joeys are the sweetest little cuddly creatures that love to be held in a fuzzy fabric pouch.  The farm also has some other exotic animals like these huge rodents. Thanks to the great friends that accompanied me that day.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mountain Hiking

The hiking around Salmon Arm right now is great. Warm weather and blue skies.  The flowers are blooming and because of our wet spring the foliage is really thick and beautiful. It does make it a bit more difficult to see the wildlife but there are advantages like the great wild strawberry crop this year. On a warm day like today up on Larch Hills the air smells like wild strawberries. Every day at the high point of our hike...I have to stop to eat a handful.of those tiny tasty beauties...too soon they will be all gone.

The daisies, clover and many other flowers are blooming. It is a real jungle of growth.  Some of the alfalfa and bracken fern are taller than me. There is a tree on Larch hills that I am calling a wedding tree that is blooming with lovely sprays of white dainty flowers right now. Looks like a soft babies breath spray.   In several spots it overhangs our hiking trail making a delightful wedding like arbor....makes me feel like royalty to walk beneath it. While searching for wildlife we often just head out cross country hiking  the over and under method....over streams and under hung up trees etc. But I have to say it is nice and definitely easier to use a good trail system and we have lots in our area.

Last week we headed to the top of  Enderby Cliffs  and that is a simply fantastic view. If you have not been up there you just have to make time to go. It is a decent hike but not hard if you take your time. We walked at a fairly steady pace and  it took about 3 hours total up and back. Plan to take a bit longer if you are not hiking much.  The Trail Alliance have altered the trail and made it much easier than it was 5 years ago. The rope railing portion is no longer used.  Definitely make it a part of your hiking plans.

The view from Mt Ida is also spectacular. You can see right  to Blind Bay. Mt Ida is a great hike that you can adjust as you like it but you do need a truck as the road has been decommissioned and has those interesting ditches that would rip off a car's muffler.

Rose Swanson is another hike that gives a great views towards Vernon..

Well we have done those ones so I think we might head to the Balmoral - Blind Bay hiking trail system this weekend....It is a nice walk in the shade of the trees...It is supposed to be hot.  What is your favorite hiking trail  or spot in the area?