Monday, August 14, 2017

Beautiful Bee hive

This painting started because I was gifted with this beautiful bee hive. My awesome husband brought it to me. It has hung around my studio for several years now and I have been waiting for the right idea to pop up so that I could include it in a painting. The hive is a beautiful globe of grey paper hanging gracefully from a branch.  This bear had just the right look of curiosity for this painting. 
It is acrylic on board and is available. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Honeysuckle Perch

The HoneySuckle is flowering in the woods...and it is beautiful. My husband picked a bouquet of it and tucked it into the front of his saddle bringing it home to the studio for me. Here is the results.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

What I Paint with.

There is allot of wonderful supplies in my studio but in the end I really don't use that many in most paintings. 
Over the years, it has been refined down to some great staples. It is mostly Golden liquid paints, they are great colours and the right consistency for the detail I paint. For the week they are poured into small capped containers. Generally it is a fairly limited palette....6 colours plus about 4 extra. 

Out of 5 favourite brushes, the majority of every painting is created with a number 6 round. It just feels great in my hand and has a point fine enough for detail yet holds enough paint for faster work also. 
I like to have lots of natural bits and pieces around to enjoy and use for inspiration....pinecones and branches etc. A good solid easel and it is a happy day. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

An inspiring Stump

I have been lucky enough to find inspiration in all sorts of natural bits and pieces of the woods. I am often found painting with a brush in one hand and a branch in the other for reference.  Or perhaps it is a rock, some bark, grasses or moss or whatever thing of natural beauty that I am painting into my artwork. Nothing is better for reference than the real thing.

Here is an example of a wonderful hollow stump I found down back of our property and it now stands in a place of honor in the corner of my studio. It has been featured in several different paintings. Here it is and here are a few of the paintings it is in.

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Monday, March 13, 2017


It is so great to see the creativity that is in all the people around us. Everyone has a fountain of creativity and is using it in different ways. Some are titled artists  like myself and creativity is expected and credited to you. But (of course)  absolutely everyone is creative.

It is a wonderful human trait and we all have it.  I really enjoy watching creativity and how people use theirs.  It is a study of mine. Mechanics that can sleuth out the trouble with your car when there is no logic to why the car is acting out. The cooks that can take basic ingredients and make food that is so much more than the sum of the parts.  Accountants that can somehow make the numbers all make sense.  Teachers that can make an interesting mystery that invites you to learn. Leaders who are people persons that lead a group with grace and enthusiasm. Everyone who can see a better way to step up, over and around the difficulties in their path to keep growing.

There is a sparkle to creativity that is easy to recognize once you start looking for it in all the lives around you. Watch for it and it is a delight to see. Start observing and appreciating everyone using their creativity and strengths to expand their lives. Always inspires me to do the same.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How Artists See

Artists  have a slightly different way of looking at the world...or perhaps we see the world in just the same way but take note of slightly different things. The other day at the winter carnival parade I stood with my family on the cold winter street and clapped as the floats went by.

I enjoyed looking at the costumes, the colours, the artwork and listening to the songs. The men in my family admired the trucks, quads, the chrome rimmed tires and the more complex constructions of floats.
But as one SUV stopped in front of me I was delighted to see that nature had added delicate icicles all along the bottom edge of the vehicle. As I happily commented on this....there was startled  but kindly laughter from my family. When we returned to the parking lot, they pointed out tongue in cheek, all of other beautiful icy decorations on the bottoms of the vehicles. I had to laugh.

It did seem silly to be in the midst of all that parade display to be caught by the beauty of icicles. But  I realized that it was my slightly different look at the world that gave me something to say in my artwork. Something to share that perhaps someone else hasn't noticed yet.
Or perhaps I am just a bit odd....there is a very slight possibility of that too.........but NO I don't think it is that at all!
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