Sunday, November 30, 2014

Painting flowers

Every spring and summer when the flowers start to bloom I am totally distracted from whatever I planned to paint by the beauty of the flowers. There is something so amazing about the grace and colour of a rose, the vitality of a sunflower, the strength of a dandelion that makes me rush to the easel. Here are a few of the paintings that have come from summertime. Hope they help to make you feel a bit warmer on this winter day.  
Spring apple blossoms in Salmon Arm

African Tulip flower in Mexico

White Lilies in Butchart Gardens

Sun flowers in Kelowna

Paintings available

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Graphite Grey Portraits

In the last year I ventured away from just painting animals and nature.  It was my year to challenge myself and try something new.... PEOPLE.

I have always admired artists who could represent people in an accurate and attractive manner....I have started using a minimalist approach with a white background and soft graphite gray as my tone. Here are a few of examples of portraits of friends and family. This has been an interesting exercise and I look forward to continuing to experiment with portraits.  What do you think?