Saturday, October 26, 2013

Favorite Things to do

We all have those favorite things we love to do.The past times that make you smile to think of them, that you love to plan for and look forward to.  Some of mine I have shared here on this blog. Here are two paintings that show a combo of my husband's and mine.
 They are titled Gone Fishing #1 and Gone Fishing #2. The first is a fly fishing painting and shows Neil's fly rod and a brass box given to him by his grandfather full of Neil's own handmade flies. We had some discussion while I was painting these Neil felt I was taking too much artistic license. One of my painted flies was totally vetoed and had to be repainted. (Oh my..... those fly tying wonderful and  temperamental :) This painting was created using watercolour and includes rocks and the feeling of walking on a river's edge...two favorite things of mine.
Gone Fishing #2 is river fishing and shows the different fishing gear and was painted in a more linear format in acrylic.

If fishing, rocks or walking by the edge of the rive are some of your favorite past times and you would like a painting to remind you of them - this original of  Gone Fishing #2 is still available and also prints of both Gone Fishing #1 and 2 are available in paper and canvas.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Artists sharing Art

This last month  I have been fully submerged in ART in all its glory...not just in my studio creating but all over the country involved in art events.
September this year has been spent sharing my art in several large shows, looking at other people's art, socializing, learning about art at workshops and meeting new wonderful artists.

The one thing that sticks most in my mind about this entire month is how wonderful and willing artists are to share their art. It is marvelous to listen and learn how other artists think about the world and how they use their medium  to share their artistic message.

Art is all about communication and many of these artists are masters in communicating their view of the world in paint, pencil, clay, and bronze. It has been a pleasure to spend time with such generous people.