Sunday, August 28, 2016

Valerie Rogers Turtle Painting

Just wanted to share a few developmental photos of one of this summers paintings to give some idea of how I approach a painting. 

We have a wonderful local pond where lucky walkers most often can see these painted turtles resting on logs in the sun. I am always delighted to see them and of course have to paint them. 

Here is my step by step process for this particular painting. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Awesome Art Show and Sale

Wow, it has been an awesome art show at Teyjah'sArt Den in Salmon Arm (751 Marine Park Drive Ne, Salmon Arm.) Love that my paintings are speaking to people and bringing a smile to their faces and hearts. It has been such fun that we are going to continue in the afternoons 1-6:00 for 3 more days till August 21.

 It is such a pleasure to spend time showing what I have created. My studio is a quiet and solitary. So I really love the chance to get to socialize and share. A huge thank you to Teyjah for lending her studio space to is a wonderful art gallery and studio.  So many visiting artists are so envious of how nice you have made it. And thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by!