Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Paintings Completed!

It has been a great art summer. It was a pleasure to have the sunlight in the studio where I have been busy working on several small and some large artwork. My husband Neil loves fishing and does manage to find a bit of time to fish, (maybe more than a bit!) I knew I had to paint another fishing painting… I completed the second of my fishing series “Gone Fishing #2.”This one is of a river rod and reel on the beach rocks.
Then because I am very pleased that my big moose painting is headed for a good home, I started/finished another really big one (kind of crazy I know) - Misty Morning is a soft painting of a mare under a cottonwood tree in the misty morning light. It is 4 foot by 6 foot and it brings back memories of my very first horse. I am a horse lover.

Summer is an excellent time for me to collect inspirations and experiences that may become paintings. I was delighted to have the opportunity to study and photograph the big horned sheep of the Rocky Mountains. In one day of hiking I was able to observe both the females and their young in one herd and the rams in another. It was amazing how close Neil and I were able to get to the big males…they really did not seem concerned at all. This inspired an “Out of the Dark painting called Ram’s Ridge (3 foot x 5 foot.) It is of three big horned sheep that are resting on the top of a mountain ridge. It was a wonderful challenge to create the textures that make these creatures so unique, the mature curled horns, the thick hair and their intelligent eyes.
Just wanted to share this completed work with you.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well Art-walk has come and gone. It was wonderful. The work that goes into the set up and presentation of the Winfield Art-walk is amazing. The organizing committee think of everything. It was extremely well attended and I enjoyed it immensely. My booth came together and my new look (a bit more country) went over well.
This show was the deadline I had set for myself to complete my two big paintings. I made it....although if you leaned in close to those two canvases you could smell the varnish. They and my other paintings were really well received by everyone and I was very pleased to make the top ten artists of the Art Walk. So today back home, a bit tuckered out but happy to have successfully completed my last planning my new one.
Always happy planning.....