Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jackson Hole Wyoming

Just returned from the heart of the Tetons, Jackson Hole Wyoming. Wow' what a place for a wildlife artist. The view in every direction is spectacular with the massive rock of the Tetons on one side and wild fields of grass on the other. Buffalo and pronghorn sighting on the drive from the airport.

 It is a small scenic town with more art galleries than anywhere I have ever seen and they are full of my favorites, wildlife and western themes. So pleased to see some of the artists that I know featured.

We were on a tight schedule because we were heading into an artist we were in and out as many galleries as we could fit in 4 hours. It was great fun and I definitely will be going back, with a portfolio.

Arch is made from shed antlers from local herds.

Amazing sculpture on the street.
After our run through the galleries we were off into the mountains for an awesome art retreat. Totally a stellar way to spend a week, in the scenic mountains of Wyoming with some the best artists on the continent.

As beautiful as it was there, BC is just as lovely and it is wonderful to be home. So now back to the easel all renewed and refreshed.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wild Art for Art Walk

Well it is the time of year when I collect up all the bits and pieces that make up my ever changing art booth and get ready for Art Walk in Winfield. I make my list and check it twice, three and four times. All the basics have to go plus beach rocks and pine cones for decorations. The nicest people come to Art Walk.

Usually I have a great helper with a truck but this year it is just me and my car. Ohh ....that is frustrating as I had hoped to include Bighorn Ridge.....but unless it rides on top of the car it is just a bit too big. I haven't given up yet....still thinking of how to work it.

 Here is your sneak peak at some of my new work that will be going to Art Walk.