Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sea of Cortez Wildlife Watching

One of the best things about being a wildlife artist is getting out and seeing wildlife in nature. Having the thrill of seeing a creature in the wilderness. The opportunity to have that experience is one of the driving forces of my artwork. When I have an incredible experience in nature I want to relive it in paint and reproduce the feeling of being there to share it with everyone.

Well this month I have been fortunate enough to have a grand experience that I have been looking forward for many years ( on my bucket list. ) Check out these pictures from our trip to Mexico....

LOOK AT ME.......LOOK AT ME!....Here I am swimming in the Sea of Cortez with whale exciting! It really got my heart pumping when I first saw that massive body swimming toward me under water then to have it cruise by with one fin gently grazing my leg......WOW. 

Whale sharks are plankton eating sharks that range from 25 to 50 feet long. They have a dark coloring with spots. These particular ones were around 25 feet long. They are totally concerned with feeding and did not appear to mind our presence at all. It was an interesting feeling when I was swimming at his front flipper and he turned toward me and I suddenly I was looking into a huge open mouth. Biggest mouth I have ever been close to.......It was totally exhilarating.

In these pictures my husband Neil is wearing yellow flippers and I am wearing the full wetsuit and blue flippers.

Thank you to Shirley for the great pictures that she was able to get in spite of the wave action. Check out Shirley's website at  She is a wonderful lady and a world traveler who has taken lovely pictures in the most interesting places.....let her know that I sent you.