Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Painted Horse

Well as many of you know we are excited to have not one, not two but three new horses. It has been grand fun to be back riding and working with horses. We have a lovely nine year old Arab and a five year old Quarter horse and Morgan cross.

The last one that we purchased is a 3 year old colt who is a purebred Canadian. This is not a breed that I was familiar with but when we studied, it did sound like a horse that we would we said yes and bought the youngster with high hopes that he will become a great riding horse.

Now these high hopes were in part started by seeing his father, who is a totally beautiful black stallion. Like every little girl (now grown)...I love black stallions..

So here is a  painting of the black stallion, who is the sire of our new  horse. This painting is called "All Canadian - A Waiting Beauty." It is acrylic on canvas and is 35x42" framed. This painting is heading out to Art Walk this weekend in Lake Country......stop by my booth in the Memorial Hall and check out the Canadian horse.