Friday, February 26, 2016

Wild Mess...then Tidy

I know artists are supposed to be all messy and wild.....kind of bohemian with a touch of crazy. Now not saying that isn't true when I am in the midst of painting. Paint gets flicked everywhere, paper towel and rags are dropped wherever when un-needed....I wheel around in my chair like a rally driver from my easel to my view point when checking how the painting looks from a distance. It is wild, tense and fun.

But when I am done the day of painting I like to tidy up ....get the paints ready for using again ...get those brushes totally clean and ready...make sure the stack ofpaper towel is there, that my eraser, pencil and exacto blade are ready too.

So when creating time comes again, I can just fly at it. I even get my clean water ready for the next day. I want to fall into the artwork not fuss when I start. So yes, my work space is fairly tidy and I do manage it so that it doesn't overwhelm me when I work.  Nothing better than to just create without having to search for the missing magenta or refill the glazing liquid.  Start the day clean with a clear goes so much better that way.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Art for Conservation

It is my pleasure to be able to use my artwork to support a variety of conservation groups that work hard to preserve our creatures and their habitat.  These people take their time, energy and funds to find new and innovative ideas to protect and preserve the creatures of our world from the many dangers that our lifestyles presents. I want to take this blog to say a huge Thank you to those individuals that care enough to do this.

The world is full of many differing ideologies and while we don't all come to the decision to protect our natural world from the same position, I sure appreciate all the people that are lending their hands and hearts to this.

It brings me joy to do my bit to help, both with personal effort, funds and my artwork.

We all need to bring this to the forefront of our minds and think about the adjustments that we can make in our lives that will make a difference to our natural world and it will benefit we too are inhabitants.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pygmy Owl Painting - Start to Finish

Here it is a photo story showing the start to finish of my acrylic painting on illustration board.  It is a small painting 8x10 inches.  Hope you enjoy seeing its development.