Friday, January 30, 2015

Art Goals

Hey there, what are your art goals this year? What are you going to learn, improve and share? How better to accomplish the sharing of story in each of your painting?

I am always thinking about those things all year long not just at New Years. How to improve my techniques and share my story? Which is more important to me and to the viewer.  I always love to work on improving my techniques and skills. It is an ongoing plan, with varying goals, workshops and time frames. But I think that my story, my emotion, the what and why I paint each creature in their wilderness home is perhaps more important to the viewer than I give it credit.

This year I am going to put more focus on improving my skills of communicating the wild stories that live within my paintings....bring more of the experience of meeting these sometimes illusive creatures to the canvas.

In this painting I wanted to share the deep quiet of the winter snow, the contemplative stare of an unafraid Canadian lynx in his still pose just waiting for whatever opportunity comes his way. That is this wild tale that I wish to share.

Winter Wise
Acrylic on Board

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Discussing Art

 I love to discuss art, why we create it, how we create it and what it says about who we are and what is important to us.  It is an endless subject that grows and changes depending who you talk to. Everyone has a different opinion of what defines art, how it should be made and how to judge the quality of the art form.

Take time to ask everyone what art form that speaks to their heart. It could be music, calligraphy, paper folding, dance, writing, painting, drawing, cooking, woodwork or any number of other forms of creativity. How about making a point to ask everyone you meet over the next few days what art form is the most important to them.  It will be a great reminder of how important creativity is to the human soul.