Thursday, January 26, 2017


Commissions are a wonderful way to join together two hearts and create one piece of art that tells not only the artist's thoughts  but also that of the collector.  Where one person tells the story and the other embroideries it. An idea that grows shifts and morphs to something wonderful and collaborative between two to become a delightful keepsake.

It is a process that is more difficult than the normal artwork that I create but more rewarding as it speaks to the experiences that are shared and understandings that are broadened.  It is a challenge and an honour to try to bring into flesh out a thought, an idea, to give it the presence it deserves. Thank you!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Be Safe when Creating Art

Just a quick reminder to myself and all of you to be safe with your art supplies....not all of what we work with as far as paints and solvents etc are safe to be absorbed into your body....protect yourself from exposure to dangerous materials. Use gloves where necessary and a respirator whenever you are using anything that is being propelled out into the air that you are breathing.

It is so easy to become a bit too casual about threats that you can not really see....or to believe that a little isn't a problem. This is my yearly reminder and yours as well. I have just replaced my respirator filters and reminded myself about gloves and glasses for situations that apply. Protect yourself...your body will thank you with great health! Happy Painting

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Another art form

Today I am going to share a different art form that I enjoy doing. I can't paint all the time and on the long winter evenings I love to create jewelry with my two favourite stones, Agate and Labradorite. Here are what some of them look like.

 Here is the bead bezel that I create to help hold in the stones. Below is one of the largest necklaces to date with three lovely Labradorites featured. Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Inspiration spots

Places inspire Paintings. I am just working on a painting of Adams River Gorge.....The Adams River is a famous local river. It is famous as the birthplace of a huge number of Sockeye Salmon.  Every 4 years there is a huge return of spawning salmon that flood back home and up the river to lay their eggs. Every year we go to see the salmon. On the low years sometimes there is just a few and we walk the trails by ourselves. On the big return year the trails are packed with people from all over the world looking at this natural wonder.

But this is a favourite river of mine all year around....we go to visit it in the spring, to see the wild runoff in the gorge and in the summer to hike the forested trails and in the fall to check on the fish and in the winter to hear the cold murmur of the water running down over the rocks to the lake.

I have painted many paintings of my experiences at Adams River. There has been paintings of rocks, leaves and water, fishing rods laying on the rocks, gulls soaring over head, eagles and fish and now just working on a painting of the water rushing through the gorge.  When it is complete it will be posted on