Friday, May 27, 2011

2 owlets this year

We finally were lucky enough to see the second owlet. He has taken a bit longer to learn to fly so was hidden from us. So pleased to finally see both of them. This makes the parents job a bit harder for sure.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Watching You"

My owl painting is complete and I have just had my first owlet sighting of the year. The day I signed this painting I finally saw this year's baby owl - definitely a good day.
It was at dusk that we spotted the single large fuzzy Great Horned owlet. He is about 12" high with light gray fuzz and eyes the size of grapes. He was standing with a wide stance on the top of a fence post. His mom and dad were above in the trees. Lil Fuzzy peered intently at us, then ignored us and then studied us again. We are old friends of his parents so we slowly and politely approached to a nice viewing spot and crouched down to observe. It was so satisfying to finally see who has been high in the nest this spring. The owlet is healthy and strong. It will be fun to watch him grow.
Here is my painting "Watching you."

Monday, May 2, 2011

Time for Owls

This is the time of year when we start to watch for the owls in our area. We have several mated pairs of Great Horned Owls close and it is a special part of our spring and early summer hikes to watch for signs of them. It is great when the young owlets are finally visible in their nursery trees and we get the chance to watch them learn about life. This year we are just wondering if the cold spring will delay the laying and hatching of the eggs.

To celebrate spring I have started a painting of a Great Horned Owl with its owlet. Watch for the completed painting to be posted here soon

Because these owl nests are too high and protected for us to get good look, we see first see the owlets when they are able to fly around their nursery area. By this time these baby owls are huge fuzzy birds almost as big as their parents. They are incredibly cute with an interest in everything. Owlet heads swivel, bob and extend up and down while their large eyes peer at you. 

So we are on Owl watch now and will update you all when we have our first baby owl sighting....maybe even have pictures for the blog.