Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Year

Always at the end of a year we have a tendency to reflect on what we have done and accomplished as well as look forward to new goals. Of course that is what I am doing now. It has been an excellent year for art. I have had the opportunity to get together with great artist friends, participate and learn in some wonderful art shows/events/workshops.There was the big art booth at the Tradex, Abbotsford in March, a great Art andWine tour with Laura in June, Artwalk in Sept,  Ramona and me on the road trip to Wyoming for SKB Art retreat and many more events.

This was my year for painting big. Two 6 foot paintings, a 5 foot one, one 4 foot and some smaller ones. I love painting big, not something that I expected at all. The challenge is awesome and it pulls some of the best work out of my finger tips.

 I am grateful to all of my new friends and clients who have welcomed my artwork into their homes. It is a honor to have my artwork become part of their lives.

Right now the cutest bear cub is climbing a poplar tree on my easel and I can hardly keep away from the canvas long enough to get ready for Christmas.

I am eagerly looking forward to 2011 as an exciting new year full of opportunities and lots of painting. The paintings that I am looking forward to creating are too numerous to mention, my head and heart are full of them.

To start the year I am lucky enough to be able to create several paintings that have very special meaning to the people they are being painted for. A commission painting is a wonderful collaboration between two hearts poured through the fibers of a brush to create a combined vision.

2011 will be an exciting, full and happy year.

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Bonnie Heather said...

I agree Valerie... this coming year is going to be exciting. Can't wait to see what you paint. Have a great Christmas.