Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big paintings

This was the week to start some big paintings......two. I am hoping that they will balance each other with the one giving me a break from the other. So far it just seems like allot of work no matter which way you look in the studio. I love my ideas though and they are starting to take off. It is funny how the idea can come to you full blown or just grow slowly as you work. In this case I have one of each. The big painting at 4feet by 6 feet has been wandering around in my head for awhile....the smaller one is developing a bit differently than I had first planned. They both are dark backgrounds with one staying dark and the other becoming misty and light. The one will have a horse in it and the other 3 big horned sheep. So that is enough information to tantalize you. Hopefully by next post I will have some pictures to show you also. So back to the Easel.


Bonnie Heather said...

I can't wait!

Laura Watmough said...

Working tandum is very fun and I find it allot more productive...besides there are two paintings calling to me! Can't wait to see them!