Saturday, April 2, 2016

Remembering Stanley

We are a cat loving family and we have been lucky enough to have some wonderful cats over our lives. But Stanley stands out because he was such a sweet loving and yet fun loving cat....he was an easy cat to live with...he loved our company but was happy enough to do his own thing if we were too busy to play with him.

He was big and fluffy....with a loud purr that always made me smile. Now he has been gone for a while  but  today was a cat missing day for I thought I would share a painting from years ago that features Stanley...the wonder cat.

This painting has it own story as it was created to celebrate the 75 birthday of Salmon Arm's Art Gallery heritage building which has in its time been a post office, library and gallery.  You will notice a letter under two books with titles that reflect the buildings story, under Stanley to celebrate all the cats that have been fed at the back door of the SAGA building.  Oh the memories.  :)

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