Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year - New Art

It is always great when a new year starts and I make my plans of what I dream will happen this year.
Some of them are the same each year....always seem like there is a few pounds I would like to lose. Always know I would like to be healthier and stronger.

But each year the art goals change a bit...I want to push myself to grow, create better and more emotional art. By emotional I don't mean art that makes you cry, but I would like to keep improving my art work so that when you look at the paintings they speak to you, remind you of the wonder of the creatures that share the world with us. Those beautiful natural landscapes that are food for our eyes and souls.  I hope that my art make you remember when you had the chance to see them....and all the feelings that moment brought to you. A painted translation of the wild magic of nature at its best.

As 2016 starts, I am planning my goals and my anticipation is high. Keep watching and see what happens. :)

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