Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creating Something Different

 Sometimes every artist just needs to shake things up. Take time to learn, experiment and just play with paint. Here are some of my play pieces from the last little while. They all are a bit different either because of what they were created with, how they were created or in their style. This is some my experimental work that does not (always) show up on my website

The birds are on a heavily textured background on board created with layers of moulding paste and heavy body paints. This rough surface was then filled with self leveling tar-gel to re-create a smooth enough surface to paint the detailed feathers of these beautiful Prince Edward Island bluebirds. The grizzley was a quick draw/paint on speciality hard board. The Thunder Jet boat paintings are painted on a background that is meant to represent diamond plate metal. The white boat is painted on various shades of grey to create the illusion of a metallic surface and the black one is using a metallic paint for the silver base. I prefer to make paint look metallic than to use a paint that really shines. Good lesson though. By the way Thunder Jet boats are a great welded aluminum boat that my husband represents in Canada. The birch trees/heron were just a practice with a different thicknesses of  paint.

All fun and some interesting results. Some I would do differently next time but fairly pleased with how each of these turned out.

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Bonnie Heather said...

Wow, Valerie your talent is amazing. Keep on playing.