Monday, September 10, 2012

Bighorn Ridge Painting finally at ArtWalk

2012 ArtWalk is done. What fun it was.  It is a great show...amazing not only for the awesome artists and artwork but also for the wonderful volunteers that run it. This is a huge job to set up a show with about 300 artists working in all mediums. So a big thank you and congratulations to the committee and their volunteers, it was a great success!

For me it was a pleasure to get several of my larger paintings there as well as 7 smaller ones. Last year it was a source of great frustration to have just completed Bighorn Ridge (5 1/2 feet)and not have a vehicle large enough to take it to the show.

That is the issue with the large paintings...sometimes it is really hard to get them out the studio to share with the public.  But this year 3 large paintings made it down to ArtWalk. The show had a great turn out and it was pleasure to participate and be chosen as one of the Top Five Favorite Artists by the public.


Bonnie Heather said...

Congratulations Valerie, you definitely are counted among the best.

ramona said...

Way to go Valerie! Your work is amazing!
I'd vote for you too!