Monday, June 11, 2012

A Squirrel on a Stick

Squirrels love my yard, playing in our cherry tree, cedars and wood pile. They are always dancing and darting across the lawn, hanging upside down above the bird feeder trying to steal seeds ( they do have their own seed spot below on the ground.)

While painting this painting there was a perfect moment when I had just paused in my painting to study the result of my work and was leaning back in my chair close to the window. Suddenly up on the outside sill popped a curious squirrel wanting to know what I was up to. We looked at each other for 30 seconds or so before he dashed off.

So here it is with full squirrel approval, "A Squirrel on a Stick." I know that I need a better name, but this one does make me laugh as it sounds like he is a corn dog. And this particular squirrel is a bit of a teenage corn dog, a squirrel full of fun and mischief.. You can tell as he is a teenager as he is a bit leaner than an adult, with a face that is youthfully curious and his tail has yet to fill out.


Frieda said...

love the title, don't change it!
great art work, great, fun name. Makes me laugh as well!

Bonnie Heather said...

Wow, very nice and different. I like the name but i would pronounce stick as steek.