Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to Hiking

It is awesome when the snow finally goes and the mountain trails open back up for hiking. To be able to get out into the woods and see nature close up is just the best. The trails are still slick in spots and there are large puddles, streams and snow piles to jump and clamber over.

Yesterday I was up on Enderby Cliffs looking out over the valley.  The air was clear and the view was amazing. From several different view points you can see all the way to Okanagan Lake one way and to Salmon Arm Fly Hills the other way. Below you the Shuswap River curls and twists in a beautiful pattern of reflected sunlight in the midst of a multi coloured patchwork of farmer's fields.

Animal sightings were limited to chipmunks, grouse, and magpies, that was possibly due to a local yellow lab that decided to join us. A handsome blond dog, he ran up ahead and then doubled back for us, all the while watching for any sign of life that he could joyously chase into the woods. After our hike he turned into the gate of the house at the bottom of the trail, leaving us to suppose that he might daily pick a lucky couple of hikers to accompany him on his jaunt.

Enderby Cliff is well worth the several hours that it takes to hike. They have altered the path, making it substantially easier and they are working on a restoration program on the old trail as erosion was damaging the hillside in that area.

Its great to be back in my hiking boots and back on the trails.


Frieda M said...

lucky you! that is a hike i have not done yet. maybe one day (I have said that before)...

jobart said...

Have many a fond memory of the Enderby Cliff's and it's breathtaking scenery from all points of direction and views. The old trail was quite precarious and a sure foot was required to climb to the lookout. Was a great workout and well worth the climb. Glad to hear a restoration program is in the works. One thing I remember the most was the quietness. Yes you would hear the world below, nature but the freshness of the air and the calmness of the moment was nice.
Thanks for sharing that Val.